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I love to draw, I love colours.

I love everything has to do with illustrations since I was a little child.

Growing up in Lebanon, I had this dream becoming a professional illustrator, so I started my journey to make this dream come true. 


I studied, graduated and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator with editorials in Lebanon and abroad.

I pursued that dream by illustrating books belonged to different writers. Also I worked as an art director for advertising agencies between Lebanon, Jordan and UAE. It was a good experience, but I always felt that it was not precisely the dream I had, until I took the biggest decision in my life. I left the middle east, moved to Madrid in Spain,  and finally fulfilled my dream to become a conceptual artist.


The journey isn´t over, it changed, it reflects directly in my art, it is about passion. 

Whenever you look into my work, look into the details and specifically into the eyes, I love eyes, they can seduce you, they can tell you my own story.


In my art you can see also what I call “Transition”, it is a result from this ongoing journey as the man that comes from the Arabic middle eastern culture and its traditions, to become who I am now. 

A man who is always willing to leave his comfort zone and express himself, showing his admiration for the human body in a mysterious yet obvious and clear way.

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